Aluminum is a soft and ductile white metal. In addition to accounting for about 8% by mass in the Earth's solid surface, Aluminum is the third largest metal element in the Earth’s crust. Because of the low-density and preservative features, Aluminum is widely used, especially Aluminum extrusion. According to the advantages of high density, high compressive, high accuracy and various anodes, Aluminum extrusion is broadly used in the Aluminum Alloy field. In short, Aluminum extrusion is to put heated Aluminum ingots into extruders and molds for various shapes of industries needed.

Alloy Series

Product Type

Production Application

2 Series
3 Series
4 Series
5 Series
6 Series
7 Series
99M Series

Seamless Tube

Baseball Bat, Cycling Frame, Seat Post, Front Fork, etc.

Round Rod

Hub Part, Shock Absorber, Mountain-Climbing Carabiner, etc.


Spoke, Screw, Nut, etc.


3C Product, Golf Club Head, etc.

Rim Profile

Bicycle Rim, etc.

Drawn Tube

Lacrosse Stick, Bicycle Frame Tube, Stanchion Tube, Steering Tube, etc.

Drawn Rod

Climbing Hook, Bicycle Part, etc.

Special-Shaped Materials

Medical Equipment, Frame Tube, etc.

Consumer Electronic Product Case

Mobile Phone Case, MP3 Player Case , Notebook Housing, Small Part and Button, etc.